Martindale Fund News and Events

June   2022

The Chair and Secretary of the Martindale Fund were given a donation of £355 from Cameron, a pupil of Hounslow Heath Junior School. He raised the money through the donations given to him for taken part in the Mini Olympics, which this year took place in Hounslow Heath Infant School. Very well done Cameron and thank you to all his family.

May 2022

This year we were able to have a Martindale Sponsored Walk as we had done in the past. The walkers got together in St Margaret's Twickenham and walked from there through Moormead Park, along the River Crane. Then through Twickenham along Church Street, taking in the riverside, York House, Orleans Park, Marble Hill House grounds and back to Richmond Bridge. We have been able to raise money for the charity with the support of our walkers and kind supporters.

May 2021

This year Martindale Fund were able to hold our annual sponsored walk. Due to the ongoing Covid 19 protections our main walk was in Bushy Park, with just 6 walkers. Other members of the committee walked in their own locality, with family or friends. We were able to raise money for the charity for the first time for 2 years from the sponsored walks.

December 2020

Hounslow Heath Juniors held a fund raising event at the end of the Autumn term. The money raised, £330, was donated to the Martindale Fund. After such a stressful term it was kind of them to think of us.

We hope they all enjoy a well deserved break.

A very big thank you to the staff of Hounslow Heath Juniors. 

October 2020

Hounslow Heath Junior School held a raffle, in place of our usual Martindale Lunch. The prizes, some of which had been collected in anticipation of the Lunch and raffle were delivered to the Junior school and more were added by the school. The school staff and the Hounslow Senss team generously bought raffle tickets and raised £150 for the charity.

In October Hounslow Heath Juniors also held a mufti day with the theme of Halloween and raised £350 from the contributions of the children dressing up.


October 2020

Martindale Fund has had to cancel both our annual sponsored walk and the Martindale Lunch this year due to the restrictions and care which needs to be taken regarding Covid-19.

We are going to hold raffles in Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School and also in Hounslow Heath Junior School, among the staff, on their Inset Day in October. We hope to raise money for the charity as we still have requests for money but this year so far no income.

September 19

Martindale Fund Lunch

The Martindale Fund Lunch is a great Fundraiser for the charity. A big thank you Hounslow Heath Junior School for hosting another successful lunch this year.

We also held a raffle during the lunch and a big thank you to the staff of Hounslow Heath Junior School for taking part.

We also want to thank the people and organisations who donated prizes, which helped us to raise money for the charity.


Among the donors of prizes were:
Kickhair, York Street, Twickenham
London Museum of Water & Steam
Chiswick House and Garden.

We raised over £200 in the raffle.

Sept 18

Martindale Fund Lunch 2018


A big thank you to the staff of Hounslow Heath Junior School where we had a very enjoyable and successful Lunch on Tuesday 4th Sept. We also had a fantastic raffle which raised even more money.


We raised £186.20 from the raffle.

A big thank you to all the donors for the Martindale Lunch Raffle. We could not have raised the money for the charity without you and the staff of Hounslow Heath Junior School.


Raffle Donors


Speaker Bercow’s Bottle of House of Commons Scotch Whisky

Donated by Ruth Cadbury MP


Bottle of House of Commons Merlot

Donated by Seema Malhotra MP


2 bottles of Maschio Prosecco

 Donated by Morrisons


Voucher for KICK Hair Twickenham

 Donated by Domenic at KICK Hair


26a York Street



2 x £10 Costa gift cards

Donated by Costa Coffee


Box of chocolates

Donated by Tom Bruce




July 18

We are holding a raffle this year at our Martindale Lunch, which is happening in September. 

We have some raffle prizes already, thanks to the kind donations from:

Costa Coffee: Two £10 vouchers

Morrisons: Two bottles of Prosecco

Ruth Cadbury MP: Bottle of House of Commons whisky

 Seema Malhotra MP: A bottle of House of Commons Merlot


May 18

The Martindale Walk

Our yearly sponsored walk took place in the Windsor area. We had a lovely day with the weather and it was good to see so many walkers. For some it was their first MF Walk, but I do hope to see them again next year. 

March 18

We have bought some charity collection boxes for the Martindale Fund with the aim of collecting loose change for the charity so we need to find some good places to locate them.

One has been given to Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School, one to Hounslow Heath Junior School and a third to Eastern Promise, an Indian takeaway on the Staines Road. 

Look out for them.

March 18

The charity has been able to support the purchase of a table tennis table for Hounslow Heath Junior School which is adapted for the use of wheelchair users. 

We have also been able to purchase a Dobuggy Stroller for the SENSS team to be able to loan out to schools when they take a physically disabled child on a trip, where the child might need some support getting around during the day. It has already been on loan to Springwell Infants.

Sept 17

We have been able to hand over the recently purchased Hearing Henry headbands, which we purchased for two young deaf children in Hounslow. The headbands help to keep their cochlear implants in place. They come in various colours and were made in Australia by a woman who designed them for her own child when he was young.

Sept 17
We held a fund raising Martindale Lunch today and thank you to Hounslow Heath Juniors for hosting it.
We raised an additional £102 selling our badges and wristbands. Thank you everyone who bought them.

July 2017

This year's Mini Olympics will be held at Spring West Academy, with PD  pupils from Hounslow Heath Infants, Hounslow Heath Juniors and a group from mainstream schools joining in. We hope they all have a great day. 

May 2017

On the 7th May we had our annual sponsored walk. The weather was fine and we set off from Osterely Park car park at 10.30. We had an enjoyable day with good weather and good comapany. There are photos and more detail about our walk on the Sponsored Walk 2017 page on this site. I hope we will manage to raise money for our charity to enable us to carry on supporting more PD children in Hounslow schools. Any donations can be made on our online page

April 2017

On the 7th May the Martindale Fund will be holding their annual sponsored walk. It is an important fundraising event for us. We are walking a circular route from Osterley Park car park taking in local Norwood Green countryside, the Grand Union Canal and a stretch of ancient woodland. We are looking for walkers and sponsors for the walkers. If you can sponsor a walker you will help Martindale Fund to support more physically disabled children in Hounslow schools.

Text MART17 £5 to 70070 to donate to Martindale Fund

Or go to   to donate online.

March 2017

Martindale Fund committee were very pleased to be able to support a child by purchasing another set of waterproof covers for cochlear implants. The covers enable a child using the implants to swim and use the cochlear implants at the same time. Swimming is a much more pleasurable and fun activity if you can hear people around you. It is also more sociable and safe to be able to hear instructions and your friends  comments. 

 January 2017

 Better Points is working with the Borough of Hounslow who are trying to encourage Hounslow residents towards greater physical activity, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Better points have an app, that can be uploaded onto a smartphone. Through the app you can record your walks, runs or cycling activity. It is also possible to earn points by using public transport.


The activity earns points which can be spent on vouchers for personal use or the points can be donated to a charity. Martindale Fund is one of the charities listed on the Better Points web site.


For more information please visit    You do not need to be in Hounslow to earn points from an activity but as Hounslow is putting up the money for the rewards there are more points for Hounslow based activities.


As there are about 700 members of Better Points in Hounslow, Better Points is going to email those members in order to promote our charity by asking them to donate their points to Martindale Fund. We have agreed that a target of £300 will be which we would aim to reach by the summer.


One of the reasons Better Points were interested in our charity and thought we were suitable for support is because a lot of the equipment we purchase is to encourage and enable physical activity for the PD children.


All the supporters of Martindale, can also help to promote the fund raising by downloading the app and earning points recording their walking, cycling, running activities or use of public transport. If we can encourage our friends and family to download the app and take part we can raise a lot of points between us. The project will run until the summer.



Please help Martindale Fund to raise money and at the same time promote  a more active and healthy lifestyle.

September 2016

Along with the start of the new school year we held a  Martindale Lunch at Hounslow Heath Juniors today which was successful in raising money for the Martindale Fund. We had the staff from Hounslow Heath Juniors and several of the SENSS team members from the Civic Centre. We also sold our wristbands and badges to those attending and raised even more money, all for our good cause of course. We used the new canteen at Hounslow Heath Juniors, which has been open some months now, but was new to some of us on the committee.

July 2016

 A very successful Mini Olympics was held at Hounslow Heath Infants School. The SENSS PD Team were delighted to be able to take 10   pupils from mainstream schools to enjoy the event, most of them accompanied by their parents. It was felt that they benefited from the opportunity to take part in this inclusive sporting event with pupils from the PD Centres.

Amazingly three of the pupils collected sponsorship money, which will benefit the Martindale Fund . £272 was collected altogether, by RV from St Michael and St Martin Primary; ZA at Grove Park Primary and GL at Our Lady and St John’s Primary.

A very big thank you to those children and well done to all the pupils who took part.


May 2016

We have completed our Martindale Sponsored Walk for 2016, Kew Bridge along the Thames Path, on the south side of the river, to Hammersmith. Then returning along the Thames Path on the north bank, with a diversion to Chiswick House and Grounds.

Successfully completed and already some money raised. Well done to all the walkers. See our 2016 walk page for some photos. 


April 2016

Just over a week to go to the Martindale Sponsored Walk 2016. In order for us to continue to support physically disabled children we need to raise money and this is an important fundraising activity for us. Please help by donating to the Martindale Fund. Visit our Make A Donation page using the link above. Thank you. 

April 2016

Less than a month to go to the annual Martindale Fund Sponsored Walk. We are planning to complete an 8 mile walk around the River Thames, Kew bridge to Hammersmith and return. We are walking in order to raise money to fund more assistance to physically disabled Hounslow children. Please help by donating money to the Martindale Fund. 

March 2016

I know it's only March, but all our supporters please remember that Sunday 8th May is the annual sponsored walk If you cannot come on the walk yourself please think about sponsoring someone who is.

February 2016

We have had a lovely surprise this month. Hounslow ASDA have supported the Martindale Fund as one of their in-store local charities. Tokens were collected in the Hounslow store and they donated £50 to us.

Thank you ASDA

September 18th 2015

We began to sell these great new badges at the Martindale Lunch and they were very popular. There will be an opportunity later in the term to buy them from Hounslow Heath Junior School and Feltham Community College.

If you want a few to sell or to buy please get in touch through our email address or the website. 

September 2nd 2015

We have been given a very generous anonymous donation on our Charity Choice site. Unfortunately that means we cannot thank whoever it is personally.. If anyone does know the person responsible could they please give them our thanks. It was very generous and we appreciate it a great deal.

September 1st 2015
Lovely to see so many people at the Martindale Lunch. The staff from Hounslow Heath Juniors, supporters of Martindale Fund and colleagues from the Civic Centre. 
The lunch was successful and a lot of food was quickly eaten. The pakoras made and donated by Manjit D were popular as were the samosas donated by Manjit C. Nothing left not even a crumb. 
A big thank you to them and to Asda Hounslow who donated the bread. 
We also sold our new MF badges which look very smart. I hope to see them worn by lots of people in the future. 

August 2015
We are looking forward to the Martindale Lunch which takes place on Tuesday 1st September. This year we are holding our annual fundraising Lunch in Hounslow Heath Junior School. We are looking forward to seeing the staff of HHJ and other supporters on Tuesday. As well as providing Lunch for the staff of HHJ we are also selling our new MF badges which are also available to all our supporters for £2.  

        Register at Better Points, to help Martindale Fund.

Download an app to your phone and then when you go for a walk, run, cycle ride , travel on a bus or even visit a local Hounslow Park, you can earn active points. The points can earn you rewards or you can donate them to charity. One charity registered is Martindale Fund.

Click on the Better Points logo and find out more.

As you can see we have changed our logo. It is now on our Web page, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Many thanks to the children at Hounslow Heath Junior School who entered the competition to create a new Martindale logo. Many thanks also to Ben Young at Feltham Community College who used their ideas to create the new logo.


The start of the walk at Syon Park.

The Martindale Sponsored Walk was successfully completed by all the walkers. We were very lucky for weather considering how 'eventful' the weather in May has been so far.

A very big thank you to all the walkers who gave up their time to come on a Sunday and support the walk. An equally big thank you to all the sponsors who have donated money to the Fund.

Anyone who wishes to donate money can easily Text MART05 £5 to 70070  or MART05 £10.

At the bottom of this page is a link button for the Charity Choice website where you can also donate  money using credit or debit cards.

Thank you so much for your support.

May 2015

Our annual sponsored will take place on Sunday 17th May. In one section of the walk, which begins in Brentford, we will be walking along a part of the Grand Union Canal and will be passing by this boatyard.

Please donate to the Martindale Fund. Support the walkers and help them to raise money for physically disabled children in Hounslow.

Text MART05 £3 to 70070 to donate £3

Visit us at     and use the donate button

May 2015

Last of our competition winners another brilliant entry. Great work from everyone, thank you again to all involved.


April 2015
Another great entry for our logo competition.  Such talented pupils at Hounslow Heath Juniors. 

April 2015
Only a month to go before the Martindale Sponsored Walk. I hope May is warmer than April so far. Here is another logo competition winner. Thanks to all the entrants. 

March 2015

A winner from Hounslow Heath Junior School logo competition. Thank you to all entrants. The new logo is being prepared, inspired by all the entries.

March 2015

Another one of the entries for the Martindale logo competition. Thank you to all the entrants. 

February 2015

Another of the winning entries from Hounslow Heath Junior School children. The new logo will be inspired by the many ideas from the children. Thank you to all who entered the competition.

February 2015

Some of the children from Hounslow Heath Junior School entered a competition to design a new logo for the Martindale Fund. Their ideas will be used in the new logo design.

Thank you to all at Hounslow Heath Juniors who organised or entered the competition.

We will upload some of the winners onto this page to share them with you all.