Martindale Sponsored Walk May 2014

The Martindale sponsored walk was completed today in glorious sunshine. It was a circular walk from Richmond Lock, along the river to Ham House, back to Petersham and across Richmond Park. We stopped at Pembroke Lodge for refreshment and walked past White Lodge before circling back to Richmond gate and down through Richmond Terrace to the river. 

 It was warm even at the start of the walk. By the time we had reached the top of the slope in Richmond Park, over an hour later, the weather was hotter but the view was great.

After lunch at Pembroke Lodge we set off again and passed Pen Ponds on the way to White Lodge. Leaving Richmond Park by Richmond gate we walked along Richmond Terrace where the view of the river is particularly beautiful. The day was hot and very clear, we could just about make out Ham House up the river. After walking through Richmond Terrace Gardens, passing a rather nice looking cafe which we must visit in the future, we arrived back at the Thames. Walking along to Richmond bridge we took some final photos before saying goodbye and thank you to the all the walkers. An 8 mile circular wak in good company and for a good cause.