The Fund seeks to help and support physically disabled school aged children receiving education in Hounslow schools, to obtain equipment or resources which cannot be supplied by the LEA, Health Services or other statutory provision.


In the past we have helped with:

January 2022

The committee agreed to support the purchase of a wheelchair for the SENSS team, which they loan out for use by students for short periods. For example a day trip or a school journey for students who need extra help for a short period. 

December 2021

We agreed to support the purchase of specialist PE equipment for a student in Green School who uses a wheelchair. They can access PE more easily and participate in the lessons with other students.

October 2021

We agreed to fund a further year of singing lessons for a student at Green School for Boys.

January 2021

The committee agreed to purchase another year of singing lessons ,from Hounslow Music Service, for a student at the Green School.

October 2020

We have arranged to pay for a scrum cap for a pupil in Hounslow to help protect his cochlear implant when playing sports.

October 2020

The committee agreed to contribute towards the cost of a hard all weather surface for an outdoor learning area in Hounslow Heath Infant and Nursery School. This surface will enable physically disabled children to access the area easily.

September 2020

We have agreed to purchase three terms of singing lessons for a Hounslow student from Hounslow Music Service.

October 2019

We supported the request to pay for the insurance for two radio aids for two deaf children. Hounslow Health and Adults Services has provided radio aids for deaf children to enhance their learning and communication in school and out of school. A hearing aid is not, on its own, adequate in noisy situations. Preschool children benefit from having radio aids for playschool and when out with the family. Hounslow services provide the radio aids, but the playgroups cannot afford the insurance for the very expensive equipment. Martindale Fund paid for the insurance for two preschool children for one year.

February 19

We have paid for a Monkey In My Chair for a pupil at a Hounslow School. The monkey helps a child to remain connected to their class and classmates while away in hospital for treatment.

January 19

We contributed half the cost of a laptop for a student at Boulder Academy, to help him with his homework.

January 19

We bought a new pair of glasses and the insurance for the glasses for a boy at a Hounslow Secondary School.

December 18

We arranged to pay for three terms of singing lessons for a Hounslow Student with Hounslow Music Service. They will be for paid termly until July 19.

August 18

We purchased an iPad for a student to use at home to support her studies. 

July 18

We paid for a group of children to be taken by minibus to Chessington Zoo, for an outing., organised by Hounslow SENSS Hearing Impairment Team

July 18

We bought medals for a number of physically disabled children in Hounslow participating in the Hounslow Heath schools Mini Olympics. 

March 18

We paid for the services of a Typing Tutor for a workshop run by Hounslow SENSS for the parents of physically disabled children.

January 18

The charity bought a Dobuggy Stroller for the use of the Hounslow PD SENSS team. They will be able to lend it to schools when they take physically disabled children on day trips or out of school.  

November 17

The charity have bought for Hounslow Heath Junior School a table tennis table suitable for the use of the children in their PD centre.

Sept 17 

We bought 5 Hearing Henry Headbands for two children in Hounslow. These were for two families with profoundly deaf children.  The headbands help children to keep their cochlear implants in place, as you can see from the photo above.

May 2017

  • The Martindale Fund was pleased to help support Spring West Academy with their recent residential trip for their physically disabled students. We supported them by paying for the transport costs for their trip to a site in North Devon.

March 2017


  • Martindale Fund committee were very pleased to be able to support a Hounslow child by purchasing a 2nd set of waterproof covers for their cochlear implants. The covers enable a child using the implants to swim and use the cochlear implants at the same time. Swimming is a much more pleasurable and fun activity if you can hear people around you. It is also more sociable and safe to be able to hear instructions and your friends comments.

  • November 2016

We purchased a series of cycling lessons for a child who needed extra help with learning to cycle.


  • November 2016

We bought a pair of waterproof covers for cochlear implants, for a pupil who attends Norwood Green Juniors. This will enable the pupil to go swimming  and be able to hear instructions or conversations around them.

  • May 2016

We were pleased to be able to purchase, for a pupil of William Hogarth, a rugby skull cap which enabled him to join in school PE lessons.

  • April 2016

The committee was delighted to hear from the mother of a Hounslow child, who we have been able to help with purchasing a paediatric buggy. The family have found the buggy to be a great help.

All donations to the Martindale Fund go towards helping physically disabled children with the purchase of equipment which the local Education and Health authorities do not supply. Thank you to those people who have donated in the past and remember that it is easy to donate to the Martindale Fund.



  • February 2016


We have also had a lovely thank you note and some photos from the PD Centre at Hounslow Heath Infants. The Martindale Fund had funded the purchase of two iPads for the use of the Centre children.


As you can see frm the photos the children are enjoying using the iPads.


As one of the teachers in the Centre wrote, "Thank you again for the support with purchasing the IPads, they are really making a difference to the PD Centre children enabling them to access a wider range of activities."



  • February 2016

At our last Committee Meeting the committee were given a lovely book of photos and comments about the Winter Party, organised by Hounslow SENSS, for children with physical disabilities attending mainstream schools in Hounslow. 

The Martindale Fund helped to support the party by donating £100 which provided the children with a gift to take home,  a buffet and Christmas crackers.

The children enjoyed the party, there were games activities and party food. It also gave them a chance to meet other children and for their parents to meet other families in similar positions to them.

The committee were very pleased to have been able to support such a happy event and well done to all the staff who organised and ran the party. 

Winter Party Book
winter party book.pdf
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Winter Party Book feedback page
winter party book feedback.pdf
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  • February 2015: Your kind donations have enabled the Martindale Fund to support the purchase of a wheelchair for a pupil at Chatsworth School. We are very glad we were able to help.
  • January 2015:  If you were one of those who kindly donated to Martindale Fund, either through the sponsored walk or by buying a wristband, you might like to know where some of your money has been spent. We have been able to help in buying a rainhood and cover accessories for a buggy, for a disabled pupil at a Hounslow school


  • In July 2013 Hounslow Heath Junior school took a group of children on a residential school journey. With the hire of a hoist they were able to take a physically disabled boy with them who otherwise would not have been able to go. He was able to join his friends on school journey for the first time. The Fund supported the student and the school with the hire of the hoist.


Feltham Community College Variety Club Minibus
Feltham Community College Variety Club Minibus
  • Tthe fund has contributed towards the cost of the surface of an outdoor play area, at Hounslow Heath Infants, to allow easy access for disabled children.
  • September 2012. A contribution towards a new Variety Club Minibus for Feltham Community College.
Hounslow Heath Junior School Variety Club Minibus
Hounslow Heath Junior School Variety Club Minibus
  • An adapted game of Connect 4 to enable a disabled pupil to play with her non disabled school friends, at Beavers Primary School.
  • Adapted tricycles for disabled children at Hounslow Heath Infants.
  • Contributed towards the school journey costs for a group of disabled pupils from Feltham Community College.
  • Contributed to the cost of a Variety Club minibus for the disabled pupils of Hounslow Heath Juniors.
  •  A contribution towards the purchase of a Radio Aid for a deaf child to use at home and for out of school activities, for a pupil from Edward Pauling Primary School.

"I'm enjoying my radio aid and so does my gym teachers and riding instructor. ------

When we are in the car, I listen to music through the radio aid (either my mum or dad wears it when driving) and I do help them to find directions as I can hear well to what they say."